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Dancing Queen

Get Your Mojo Moving

By now, most of you will know the bouncy curls, bright leotard and oversized specs of Frome’s aerobics queen, Cheryl Sprinkler, from Mojo Moves. Cheryl got Frome moving, and laughing, with her unique form of comedy aerobics back in 2018 and has gone on to raise funds for charity, lead troops of hundreds and kept Fromies going through lockdown with her online classes.

Behind the curls and glasses is hardworking mum Ginny Adams, who has been a professional comedy performer for over 30 years.

“I never thought I would start running a fitness business in my late forties!” says Ginny. “I studied exercise to music to enable me to teach proper classes. So, as well as being good fun, the sessions are a really good workout!”

Cheryl is a body positive warrior who empowers people to feel good about themselves. “Even people who know me as Ginny call me Cheryl and play along when I’m dressed up. It sounds daft but I feel more comfortable and confident dressed up as an alter ego!” Mojo Moves also work with children and teens and have seen great results in improving confidence.

“Recently, a regular Mojo Mover told me the classes were a real tonic for the soul, and I can totally agree.” The dancing is joyful and full of power, drama and emotion, as well as being funny. Every week Ginny creates new routines and playlists. The music is an eclectic mix from multiple genres and eras - not just the 80’s - and carefully curated into a mood enhancing playlist.

The new HIIT to the Hits classes run three times a week, at 8am. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and these short fifteen minute sessions give a real boost to your mood and energy for the whole day.

“ I wish I could start every day with you, it does me so much good! Thank you for being there for us all so spectacularly. You're casting so much light into the darkness.” Esmé Patey-Ford

Classes are currently all held online via Zoom.

To see class times and to book go to:


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